dc unlocker error code 40 / error code 3

Got these two error codes while unlocking the Huwaei u7519 and the u1250

  • (Error Code 40)
  • (Error Code 3)


I had just forgotten to follow the instructions on screen..
and remove the usb and plug it back in..
That's is why there was the error

Wind Mobile Huawei u7519 Correct Unlock Procedure with DC Unlock Client:

  • Turn the phone on
  • Connect the phone to computer with the usb wire (mini usb)
  • Let the computer detect the phone
  • The Computer will show the menu with the option of using file transfer / pc suite etc
  • Now open up the dc Client software
  • Select Huawei phones in the "Seelect Manufacturer" drop down list
  • Select Auto detect
  • Click on the Magnifying glass (FIND)
  • Once your phone is detected it will show details of the phone on screen.
  • Select the Unlock menu from the right and click on the Unlock icon (Open lock picture)
  • There will be some on screen messages and phone will turn purple
  • Wait till the dc unlock client shows message to disconnect and reconnect phone
  • Then disconnect the phone (Don't turn it off) and just reconnect the cable
  • few seconds later your phone is unlocked
  • Voila
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