Description of new Htc Unlocking Databases

HTC Database codes have changed a bit. There are now 3 HTC servers,
  • HTC OLD Server
  • HTC NEW Server
Old HTC Unlock Server  
Covers all HTC and affiliated brands (imate, qtek, google G1, etc) MANUFACTURED PRIOR TO MID-FEBRUARY 2010.

New HTC Unlock Server 
Covers all the previous models, up to MAY 2010. In this listing you will find Telus HTC, Google G2, some Bell/Telus HTC Legend and HTC HD2.
Supernew HTC Unlock Server 
Covers models manufactured after MAY 2010. This includes virtually all HTC phones in the world. All HTC HD2, Legend, and Desire models are listed.

Turnover time for these HTC codes are incredibly fast, usually under 5 minutes.

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