iPhone’s jailbreaking and unlocking is declared legal in the USA

Apple lost the battle about its iPhone DRM. Starting today iPhone’s jailbreak and unlock are now part of the DMCA and are considered “fair use” of the device.
main iPhone’s jailbreaking and unlocking is declared legal in the USA
If you are an iPhone/iPod Touch user, you should hold your excitement just yet.

An iPhone/iPod Touch jailbreak is done using a very small portion of the original Apple’s (copyrighted) code from the iOS. That was one of the key standing points for Apple’s case against all jailbreak solutions.
Fortunately for all hackers in USA, jailbreaking has now been included within the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) as “fair use”.
All the thanks go for Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which fought a long time for the iPhone’s freedom.
What happens next?
The major benefit is for the iPhone hackers. Their activities are now legal and no one can go after them them for their jailbreaking/unlocking actions.
This act also gives freedom of any commercial jailbreak/unlock solutions and third-party application stores. Both the tools and stores can be even advertised freely wherever they want.
Jailbreak and stuff will continue to void your warranty and Apple won’t stop its work on defending the iOS and the baseband firmware against hackers. So the jailbreak legalizing brings no benefits for the regular iPhone/iPod Touch users.
In some related news, I just heard that the iPhone 4 jailbreak and unlock are ready and will be released in a few days. When this happens their creators and users won’t be afraid of breaking the law. They will be legal.

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