Problems with IMEI Changing...

Based on the amount of problems for the IMEI, I’ve made this thread.
Before any flashing you must verify that your IMEI is NOT changed. Read this item please!

Note: The IMEI change is illegal in many countries, it is clear that this information is just as informative ...
As of now: anyone with any of this problems, here you won’t find help to solve it, due to be an illegal practice. Refrain from sending mails / MP 's no answers at this forum / anyone else.

Why not flash phones that have IMEI changed?
Look a little glossary:

IMEI: Unique identifier for each phone sold worldwide.

Ok, let's say you block a phone , because you have lost it or has been stolen.
What makes the cell company?
Send a request to all his colleagues warning that the IMEI in question should not be accepted. This creates a blockage generaly in all the companies (if released to another company) called "Negative Band"
When a phone comes into Negative Band can not be used, even for emergency calls ..
Suppose again, the phone was recovered .. How is released this blockage? Simple: Calling the provider with a customer validation (they ask for you information of the holder and they compare it with their entries) and if everything is OK, the phone again is accepted.
If by bad luck falls into the hands of another person, by logic is not going to be unlocked by calling the provider .. Then resort to change IMEI ..
The software that handles this by making change IMEI of the GDFS must "patch" MAIN ... Why?
The phone operating system (MAIN) makes an initial check:
The OTP IMEI is equal to the GDFS? (OTP: One Time Programmable, programmable only once)
YES = Start
NO = not turn on ..

That is all ...

And if we review the steps of the FAR, loading the MAIN fake, we can enter FAR, all nice .. and when flashing back to the original MAIN we are erasing the software patch that the service applied .. So the phone does not turn on ...

Solution? Prevention is better than cure -> Use brute force of XS + + / PhoneXS

How to verify if I have the IMEI changed?

1. Type * # 06 # on the phone, then will appear GDFS IMEI
2. Compare with the IMEI on the box, or safer:
3. Remove the battery, underneath it there is a kind of "Stick" says the brand, model and IMEI, among other data.

Is it different? DON’T USE FAR, NO FLASH MAIN, do not use SEUS
Is it the same? .. Phew! Use it just quiet ..!

What is the problem of having a phone like this?
It has many disadvantages, including:

* First and foremost, is a phone that is working illegally
* You can not update the phone to the lastest firmware version
* You can not personalize it with FAR, with only XS + + by brute force, which takes from 15 minutes up to 9 hours
* If you take a customized phone to a service center, many times they accept it and repair, but not in this case. Sometimes you charge fines up

And these are the advantages

* ...

As you see, has no advantages, and weight of disadvantages exceeds that .. Therefore, as a recommendation read the next point.

Are you going to buy a used phone?
Then test the IMEI, if this is entirely correct, there are no problems. But beware especially Internet sites where users sell their phones, even large firms also engaged in this. If you see that a phone is very cheap, a lot of mistrust, sometimes the excuses to sell is "I need the money," but it is not so ... Not all that glitters is gold .. Not to mention the clandestine vendors of Subs

I hope this information will be useful, I made it calm the uncertainty of some users who are constantly asking me about it ...

If the IMEI is the original, but it is in "Negative band", appears "Inactive SIM."
If the IMEI is the original, and the phone is blocked for another operator, you'll see "Inseret Correct SIM"
If the IMEI is not the original,and Main is not patched, will remain on Please Wait ...
If the IMEI is not the original, and Main is patched, Starts as usually ..

By M1ch43lzm

IMEI Explanation:
First 8 digits (1-8): TAC, Type Approval Code, to identify the model
6 following digits (9-14): serial number, which is supposed to be unique
Digit 15: Verification digit, is not transmitted to the operator (to verify if the IMEI is valid)
Two last digits (16-17): Software version, appears only when you dial * # 06 #, or on the menu service, is not in the box, or on the label

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