Sony Ericsson K850 Unlock Instructions

Tested on a Rogers phone

Turn on the phone (with / without a sim card)

press < - Turn the jogdial in the middle towards left side
then enter "*" twice (2 asteriks)
press < - Turn the jogdial towards left side again

(While you are doing this the screen might not show u what you are pressing)

If u press the above keys correctly your phone will show u a message saying:
"Personalized with MCN3"
and then a menu showing some or all of the following options depending on which locks your phone has:

Corporate .. etc

select the one where the lock icon beside the menu option is showing a closed lock.

Then the phone will ask you for a password.. that is the one your Unlock service provider (LIKE has provided you.

Once you have entered the code correctly your phone is unlocked and free to be used with any compatible carrier worldwide!!

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