Mobilicity Compatible Phones

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List of Phone that can work with Mobilicity (Canada / Toronto):

Nokia Phones Supported by Mobilicity Toronto
Nokia 3555
Nokia 6263
Nokia  N8
Nokia N900
Nokia 5330 XpressMusic
Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition phone 

Blackberry Phones Supported by Mobilicity Toronto
Unlock BlackBerry Bold 9700
Unlock BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105
Unlock BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100

Motorola Phones Supported by Mobilicity Toronto
Motorola BACKFLIP Android
Motorola DEXT MB220 Android
Motorola QUENCH Android

HTC Phones Supported By Mobilicity Toronto
HTC Dream Android
HTC Magic Android

Sony Ericsson  Phones Supported by Mobilicity Toronto
Sony Ericsson TM506 p
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10

T-Mobile Phones Supported by Mobilicity Toronto
T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide Android
T-Mobile HD2 Windows Mobile
T-Mobile G1 Android
T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2009
T-Mobile myTouch 3G Android
T-Mobile Garminfone Android
T-Mobile Dash 3G Windows Mobile
T-Mobile Tap
T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Edition Android

Samsung Phones supported by Mobilicity Toronto
Samsung I7500 Galaxy Android
Samsung T939 Behold 2 Android
Samsung T479 Gravity 3
Samsung T669
Samsung T746 Impact
Samsung T929 Memoir
Samsung T919 Behold
Samsung T659 Scarlet
Samsung T639
Samsung T819


  1. Hey I just bought a Mobilicity plan and noticed that my T-Mobile G1 Android phone would not register the network!!! ;-(

    any pointers as what settings need to be done? the G1 is unlocked?

  2. if i buy moblicity blackberry 9700 , will it work in india , idea , airtel ,bsnl ...
    Please let me know asap

    1. nope i don't think so cuz i had a friend who tried to do it in pakistan but couldb't cuz it was acanadian company if u need to use ur phone with an indian network then get it unlock by the moblicity and put ur indian sim in and it wud work.

    2. nope get it unlocked by the company and go to india and get a network there and put the sim in the phone and it wud work fine

  3. who do i contact if i want to unlock my HTC Dream to use with mobilicity its with rogers right now?

  4. if its g2 you cannot use it with wind / mobilicity.

    if you want to unlock it we can do it for $10..

    payment through paypal..


  5. if this is the phone

    it can work with wind.. otherwise it wont work with wind..


  6. if i go to mobilicity will they do it for me in the same price?

  7. how do i find out if its a g1 or g2?

  8. ok thats good..its a g1..

    mobilicity doesnt unlock phones..

    if u came to my store i would charge you $25.00

    thats how much we charge for unlocking

    im giving u a deal..

    if u r interested let me know..

    otherwise good luck..

  9. You can pay $25??
    if not then why bother..

    Listen bro if u r ok with $10 email me a payment from paypal for $10 with your imei number..

    if not good luck..

  10. i dont use paypal but if u have a location where i can give u the phone and u can get it done for me then its easier for me.

  11. email on


  12. how about the sony ericsson experia X10 can you unlock it to use for mobilycity network as well,and how can i contact with you?

  13. I can unlock it ..

    Which carrier is it from??


  14. Is there any way of using an unlocked (Originally from rogers)Blackberry Bold 9700 on the Mobilicity Network?

    Please help!!!

  15. Hi, will the Bell's Samsung Galaxy i7500L work for mobilicity if unlocked?

  16. Can HTC Magic wokr with mobilicity?

    How much is it to unluck it?

  17. can i phone 3gs work with moblicity if its unlocked i really need to know thnxx

  18. no it wont.. locked or unlocked does not matter.. it just wont work..

    for that matter any other iphone will not work either

    iphone 2g
    iphone 3g
    ipgone 3gs
    iphone 4g

    none of them will work with wind / mobilicity or tmobile..


  19. Hi Trusted Creation, do you sell used phones that will work on Mobilicity?


  20. I am curious about the samsung omnia 2 (bell).
    apparently it works for wind, i tried my mobilicty sim...
    received a text, but couldn't send sms nor a phone call.
    CDN roaming appeared.


  21. does an UNLOCKED ROGERS sony xperia x10 work on moblicity? I'm not sure since rogers is GSM.

  22. This one is in the list..
    but it might not work for mobilicity..

    but will most likely work for bell / telus..


  23. if you can root os' onto phones, does this also mean that it's possible to program phones to transmit 1700?

  24. I am no expert in this field... but my understanding is that if your phone is not transmitting.. The right "type" of frequency then it probably is not possible..

    Now what i mean by right type is that mobilicity supports UMTS.. it should not work with a phone transmitting on HDSPA.. or should it.?.?.

    For example... the bell blackberry 9700 has the 850 and 1900 frequencies.. and its not compatible with wind or mobilicity..

    But here is the experimentation required part..

    a) Can you first of all modify the phone to transmit at a different frequency??

    b) Will changing the frequency enable you to use it on the other network??

    Let me know if someone tries this...


  25. iPhone 3gs with mobilicity? Why not?

  26. Okay, What about the Blackberry? I know the Bold 9700 works but what about the Bold 9780?

  27. Does Palm Treo 750 unlock phone works with mobilicity or not...

  28. does a nokia 5800 work?

    just to clarify, will hsdp frequencies work on mobilicity?

  29. can Samsung galaxy captivate work on mobilicity or wind mobile.


  30. I got a Tmobile Huawei U8150 Comet, does it need to be unlocked for use with Mobilicity?

  31. I have a blackberry Torch 9800 unlocked but with the mobilicity sim can only use bbm, internet and email. What can I do to make everything work?

  32. I just bought Samsung S galaxy Captiva from rogers and got it unlocked from rogers. Tried using Mobilicity SIM card and i get a message saying i cant register on the mobilicity network. Can you help me out please?

  33. I found a website with people saying they made the iphone work
    Is it possible.

  34. ok i am buying a blackberry bold 9780 (white) from someone
    and the phone is from blackberry ( NOT from rogers,bell,etc) will i be able to use my moblicity sim card? or unlock it with moblicity ?

  35. can Samsung galaxy II works on mobilicity or wind mobile

  36. can BLU DASH 5.5 work on Mobilicity or wind