EzClps.com Presents you the ezNK Tool - GSM

ezNK clip is standalone reset security code solution on all DCT4 plus phones, without affecting any user data such as Contacts , Images , etc.
It does not require any computer or any external power supply , Just the ezNK clip pro edition.
It will simply reset the security code to 12345 within 2 seconds.

Just connect the Easy flash cable to the phone and other side of RJ-45 plug to the clip then press power on.

Official Website:


Easy Flash cable 1,2,3 (As per phone models)

Check the video links below:
Demo Videos

Below is the list of all DCT4+ Phones supported:
Nokia 1110 RH-70
Nokia 1110b RH-69
Nokia 1110i RH-93
Nokia 1112 RH-93
Nokia 1112b RH-92
Nokia 1112b RH-95
Nokia 1112i RH-94
Nokia 1200 RH-100
Nokia 1200 RM-99
Nokia 1202 RH-113
Nokia 1208 RH-105
Nokia 1208b RH-106
Nokia 1600 RH-64
Nokia 1600b RH-65
Nokia 1650 RM-305
Nokia 1650b RM-306
Nokia 1661-2b RH-121
Nokia 1661 RH-122
Nokia 1662 RH-122
Nokia 1680c RM-394
Nokia 1680c RM-395
Nokia 2220 RH-40
Nokia 2220 RH-42
Nokia 2310 RM-189
Nokia 2320 RM-515
Nokia 2330c RM-513
Nokia 2600c RM-340
Nokia 2600c RM-341
Nokia 2610 RH-86
Nokia 2610b RH-87
Nokia 2626 RM-291
Nokia 2630 RM-299
Nokia 2630 RM-298
Nokia 2660 RM-293
Nokia 2660 RM-293
Nokia 2660 RM-292
Nokia 2670h RM-391
Nokia 2680s RM-392
Nokia 2680s RM-500
Nokia 2720f RM-519
Nokia 2760 RM-259
Nokia 2760 RM-258
Nokia 3608 RM-385
Nokia 5000d RM-362
Nokia 5000d RM-363
Nokia 5030 RM-524
Nokia 6030 RM-229
Nokia 6030 RM-74
Nokia 6030b RM-225
Nokia 6030b RM-75
Nokia 6060 RH-73
Nokia 6060v RM-97
Nokia 7070 RH-116

And rest other DCT4+ Phones....So dont be late to buy this limited edition tool, in case if you constantly keep on forgetting your Security codes.


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