Customize your Sony Ericsson J105a (Naite) yourself..

Just extracted this from my Fido Naite. Used CodeClaw's DB3210 extractor to pull this one off. I hope somebody here can make use of it.

You can download the xml file off my website on this link:

Yes, you can create a customize_upgrade.xml out of this, but I have to give this warning out: If you do, make sure you include this code under the element:
1234-8332 R5A

...or whatever your CDA value is. Why include this code? Because with these phones, whenever you upload a customize_upgrade.xml, for some reason, the CDA gets wiped out. Losing the CDA means you can no longer use the SE Update utility to repair the phone's firmware if you mess something up.

Now, go ahead, make some customizations and insert it in your customize_upgrade.xml file. As always, this file is provided on an as-is basis. Do any of your customizations at your own risk.

And if anyone asks: No this won't unlock your phone. It only allows you to make some customizations to your liking that's not doable by just punching a few buttons on your phone. 

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