Blackberry bold 9700 Telus Unlocking Code Entry Procedure

How to Unlock Telus Blackberry Bold 9700:

The blackberry 9700 from Telus has what is called the new security. That is the Mep4 code..

So make sure when you are applying for a code its under the new security heading.. or they are offering you the mep4 code. If you have applied under the regular blackberry service most likely you will receive the mep2 code which is a valid code for the mep2... but it will not unlock your phone.. hence no good to you...

IF you need any help in buying an unlock code for your telus blakberry 9700 then leave a comment with you email to this post.  We will soon be launching our unlock codes website Once you have received the correct code...Here is the code entry procedure:

Telus blackberry 9700 unlock code entry Procedure:
  • Turn on the phone (with or without a simcard)
  • Go to options / settings
  • Go to advanced option
  • Go to Sim card
  • Type mepd (nothing will show while you type)
  • Type mep+alt+4 (you will press m+e+p then press alt then press 4.. once again nothing will show on the screen while you type)
  • A prompt will show on your screen asking you to enter the code
  • Enter the Code supplied to you by your Blackberry Unlock Codes
  • If you follow the steps correctly you should get a message saying "Code Accepted"

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