With f0recast tool you can find out, if your iPhone is tethered, or unlockable

This awesome innovation is from iH8Sn0w, who is the main person behind sn0wbreeze. For folks who are unaware of Sn0wbreeze, is a windows version of PwnageTool with which you can jailbreak your iPhone / iPodTouch.
In simple words “f0recast is a tool for Windows that will check your iPods and iPhones to determine whether it is tethered, or unlockable (iPhone Only).”
A lot of users get confused with Bootloader, Basebands, Version while trying to jailbreak and unlock iPhone / iPod Touchs. So, iH8sn0w created this smart little tool which will give you all necessary information about your iPhone. With the give information you can see weather your device being tethered or able to unlock. As I mention, It even tells iPhone user’s their Boot loader, so if you are an iPhone 3G user with the 5.8 Bootloader, it will notify you that you can downgrade your baseband if you wish to unlock.
One the other note: Whats is Tethered? Your jailbreak will be reset, and removed each time you turn off your iPhone / iPod. You will need to re apply the patch to jailbreak it again.
To use this tool follow the below instructions. (Currently f0recast is available only for Windows.)
Step 1: Download and install f0recast. (To run f0recast you would need iTune 9.0 or higher and .Net Framework 2.0)
Step 2: Connect your iPhone / iPod Touch
Step 3: Open iTunes and let it run
Step 4: Now, while iTunes is still running – Run f0recast
Voila! There you have It! f0recast will provide all your information.
Once you collected all the necessary information and if your iPhone / iPodTouch is ready for Jailbreak and/or Unlock follow any of the below tutorials.


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