Wind mobile compatible phones..

To unlock any BLACKBERRY Phone visit

Wind mobile compatible Nokia Phones:

  • Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition
  • Nokia N900
  • Nokia 5330 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 3555
  • Nokia 6263 

 Wind mobile compatible Samsung phones:
  • Samsung T659 Scarlet
  • Samsung T469 Gravity 2
  • Samsung 749 Highlight
  • Samsung T929 Memoir
  • Samsung T919 Behold
  • Samsung T819
  • Samsung T639

  Wind mobile compatible Motorola/Sony Ericsson/ Htc/ Blackberry etc

Wind mobile compatible T-mobile Phones
  • Tmobile Tap
  • Tmobile myTouch 3G
  • Tmobile Dash 3G
  • Tmobile Sidekick LX 2009
  • Tmobile G1
 *These phones should work with Wind mobile if unlocked... (most likely.. still need to test..)


  1. the blackberry bold 9700 from (bell and rogers), htc dream from rogers Both were unlocked it and it wasnt able to pick up WIND HOME.. and only Wind Away seems like 1700 has been disabled by other providers..

  2. Question

    My phone keeps switching to Away, even though I’m in a Home Zone. What can I do?

    Thank you for your patience during the early days of our network. During this time, you may find that your phone switches between Home and Away while you’re in a Home Zone (see Home Zones here). To prevent this from happening, you can manually select the network for your phone -- just make sure that you're in a WIND Home Zone when you change your network settings.
    Manually selecting the network will lock your phone onto “WIND Home” so if you travel outside a WIND HOME Zone (whether in a WIND AWAY Zone or abroad), you will need to switch your phone to “automatic network selection” in order to enable service.

    How to Manually Select the Network on Your WIND phone:

    BlackBerry 9700 (see user manual)
    1) Select “Manage Connections”
    2) Click “Mobile Network Options”
    3) Select: “Network Selection Mode: Set in manual”
    4) Wait for network scan to complete
    5) Select WIND Home from available networks list


  3. because you aren't using the right phones. bell and rogers phones use different bands than the wind ones.

    you need the 1700/2100 models to work with wind home

  4. giv e list of lg model to be use with wind