T-Mobile Modifies SIM Unlock Policies With Lower Requirements

Tmonews-policy The team at TmoNews scored some new policy changes at T-Mobile due to their Marlowe vs T-Mobile lawsuit about SIM unlock requests. The changes will apply as of January 21st.
In summary:

  • Postpaid and FlexPay customers will be able to get unlock codes after 40 days of service instead of 90 days
  • Prepaid customers can get unlock codes after 60 days instead of 90 days as long as they have an account balance of at least $10 or have made a refill within the last 30 days.
  • Customers with cancelled accounts can get a SIM unlock code as long as their account is in good standing with no past due balance and they had a minimum of 40 days of service before cancelling. If you paid full retail for the phone you do not need to wait 40 days and if you do not have an account if good standing you can pay the past due amount to get the unlock code.

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