NsPro Problems-Solutions (PART 2)

NsPro Problems-Solutions

Here are descriptions of NsPro error messages and solutions for that ewrrors:

NsPro Axalto card not found (error 0x01) = Smartcard is not detected by windows.
1.Check if smartcard drivers are correctly installed. A new version of smartcard drivers can be found http://www.nsteam.org/e-gate_3.0.6_xp2k.zip

NsPro Axalto card not found (error 0x02) = corrupted card
NsPro Axalto card not found (error 0x03) = corrupted card

Can be repaired by using http://www.nsteam.org/NsProRepair.zip

NsPro Axalto card not found (error 0x04) = damaged card
Send the card back to reseller or distribuitor www.unlockcellular.com for replacement

NsPro box /port not found...
Install the drivers from Program Files\NsPro\NsPro Driver folder from your PC

Runtime error
Reinstall last software version and confirm all installation steps.
If problem persist, go to Program Files\NsPro\NsPro Driver folder and import "Exception.reg" file into windows Regedit tool

Connection Establishing failed 100xx
Allow from firewall to NsPro to connect to internet (server) for updating the card.
Or simply disable windows firewall from control panel.You can reactivate firewall after update was completed.

Update not allowed on NsMultiUnlock = you have not buyed NsMultiUnlock activation.
After you buy activation and reseller will activate your card ID on server, you will be able to run the software.

"USB Power Exceed" message on windows when you connect Zxxx phone to NsPro
Build and use NsPro Zxxx cable adapter. You can find adapter schematic on NsPro support area.


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