FAQ: Remove The ANNOYING Voice Activated Dialing From Your BlackBerry

maxmem1 Over the years we have covered this topic a few times. That does not stop new users from asking me on a regular basis how to kill Voice Activated Dialing on their BlackBerrys. There are quite a few ways to go about this but the simplest is by using a free application called MaxMem from BerryCoder. In no time you will be able to kill that super annoying and utterly useless “Say a Command!” voice dialing application.

MaxMem was released back in July 2008 and still works like a charm. You just install the tiny application on your BlackBerry and click the button that says “Remove VAD.” The program will then prompt you on every installation file it has to delete to remove Voice Activated Dialing. There are 3 files for each language supported on your device so expect a few popups.
NOTE: It is HIGHLY recommended that you backup your BlackBerry to your PC before removing Voice Activated Dialing.
You can download MaxMem onto your BlackBerry by going to www.berrycoder.com from your BlackBerry browser.

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