Unlock motorola K1 and motorola Z3 without testpoint

You will need: -
MS Tool (use searh botton)
K1/Z3 boot core( download link is below)

Here are the quick steps for this tutorial.

1. Open up MS tool and select your phone profile (K1 or Z3.
2. Connect phone in bootloader mode usiung the *+# + power on method
3. Select "Read backup" and choose PDS
*Note if your phone gets a critical error message here please do not use the rest of this tutorial.

If the backup was done without any error this means that the phone is compatible with the tutorial as mstool can read data from the RAMDLD and can write the bootloader and read the PDS!

Now only proceed if everything is okay: battery fully charged without sim card and memory card.

Let's continue :-

4. Conect phone in bootloader mode "*" + "#" + "power";
5. Open mstool and click in "Write Backup"
6. Select the file "K1__BOOTCORE_TP.bkp" for K1 or "Z3__BOOTCORE_TP.bkp" for Z3;
7. OK. After your phone shuts down automatically, remove the battery and replace the battery. The phone will be recognized by the PC. To see if everything is okay, open RSDLite and make sure it detected "S BLANK NEPTUNE LTE2"... If it is, everything is ok! The phone screen is black! This is OK.
8. Now open mstool and click "unlock". Wait for the phone being disconnected, remove the battery and replace the battery again;
9. In mstool click "Write Backup";
10. Select bootloader 0A.B2 for k1 and 0A.C0 for Z3;

download link for k1/z3 bootcore
Unlock K1 / Z3 Without TP

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