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Has your Blackra1n recently got struck while running? Well, if so, you are not the only one facing this problem. Many like you recently using blackra1n to jailbreak your iPhone have got stuck on the “Running…” screen. So, how do you fix the problem? Try this!

Fixing: Blackra1n ‘Stuck on Running’ problem

1) Firstly, right-click the blackra1n icon and click properties.
2) Now click the Compatibility tab.
3) And under the compatibility mode, click the box to enable it and select Windows XP (Service Pack 2). Click OK, and then run blackra1n.

Fixing: BlackRa1n ’Entering Recovery Mode’ problem

There has been a issue with some users seeking to jailbreak iphone using Geohot’s BlackRa1n says, that even when blackrai1n shows the message ‘Entering Recovery Mode’, the iPhone does not enter the recovery mode. Or else, the iPhone is stuck on the iTunes/USB Restore screen and blackra1n still flashes the message ‘Entering Recovery Mode’. It also happens in many cases when the iPhone turns off and refuses to boot with the blackra1n still beaming the message ‘Entering Recovery Mode’.

1) Firstly, press the power button and the Home button just when you spot the icon of the apple. Now, release the power button, but keep pressing the home button until you see the photo of Geohot with the Iphone. Now, release the home button.

2) Then turn off the iPhone completely by unplugging the USB cord. However, make a note that Blackra1n is still running in the background. Make sure to plug it back in and try step 2 again.

Fixing: BlackRa1n enters Recovery mode, says ‘Running’… but nothing happens

There have been a number of complaints relating to BlackRa1n entering iPhone into Recovery mode and then saying “Running…” However, nothing seems to happen and most report seeing the iTunes/USB Restore screen on the iPhone.
In such cases, you may try:

1) Closing blackra1n and then opening it again.
2) Or you may try terminating the process AppleMobileService.exe. Note, this may require you to unplug/reboot your iPhone or Running BlackRa1n again.

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