Secret Phone Codes (Call Waiting)

Call Waiting

Activate: *43#
Cancel: #43#
Status: *#43#

To answer an incoming call waiting just hit the [SEND] key and your first caller will be put on hold and you can talk to the second caller. Alternatively you can hit [2][SEND].

To join both callers in a conference call, select the "join" or "conference" setting on your phone (not supported on all handsets).

If you wish to take the second call and are finished talking to the first caller then hit the [END] key and your phone will start ringing with the second caller and then hit [SEND] to answer the call. Alternatively you can hit [1][SEND].

If you do not wish to talk to the second caller and want to continue to talk to the first caller you can either choose to ignore the call waiting tone or hit [0][SEND].


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