LG Incite Update SMS text Setting

Simple instructions for downloading the fix via ActiveSync from your PC to your phone.

If you have been experiencing error messages when attempting to text on the LG Incite, simply follow the steps below to download the correction via ActiveSync on your PC and your phone.

Download UpdateTxtSetting.zip

Download UpdateTxtSetting.exe

Step 01

Unzip UpdateTxtSetting.zip to your PC
Click on the UpdateTxtSetting.exe file and save it to your desktop

Step 02

Connect your PC with the ActiveSync Program

Step 03

Click on the Explore tab

Step 04

Copy the file entitled "UpdateTxtSetting.exe" to your phone

Step 05

On your LG Incite, click on the Start Menu button

Step 06

Scroll down to the Programs and click

Step 07

Click on the "Tools" icon in the Programs screen

Step 08

On the Tools screen, click on the "File Explorer" icon

Step 09

Scroll down to UpdateTxtSetting and select the file

Step 10

A result message will appear stating "Successfully change setting to O:CS Preferred."

Step 11

To apply the change, turn off your phone, then turn it back on

For questions, please contact LG Customer Service at 1-800-793-8896.

VIA LGsite

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