iPhone Stuck At Apple Logo

Fix iPhone Stuck At Apple Logo

Nothing worse than to see your beloved iPhone stuck at boot logo. Well pretty much this is not something that you can’t fix.

What you need :

  • to know how to SSH, and be albe to SSH
  • a little time and patience

NOTE : I am not sure if usb access with software like iPhoneBrowser will work if the iPhone is stuck at apple logo stage, but if it does let us know.

Basically your device is getting stuck at the boot logo, because you just installed or updated some kind of app ( eg : IntelliScreen ) and something, well, just went wrong. There is no need to restore your iPhone, all you need to is is to prevent the XXX dylib from loading all you need to do is remove its entry from com.apple.SpringBoard.plist file ( XXX being the name of the app that is causing the problem )

  • SSH into your iPhone and download the file /System/Library/LaunchDemons/com.apple.SpringBoard.plist

If the file is in binary format then convert it to text format. iPhone will recognize and process the file normally whether it is in binary or text format. You can do the conversion here http://iappcat.com/plist/bin2xml

  • Open the file with a DAMN GOOD text editor, like NotePad++ ( the default NotePad does not display it properly)
  • The file is in xml format and contains key called DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES. This key contains the path of all dylib files which springboard will try to load at startup. Each file location is separated by a ‘:‘. Remove the the complete path of the dylib file you think is causing the problem.
  • Save the file as com.apple.SpringBoard.plist and put it back on the iPhone in the /System/Library/LaunchDemons/ folder
  • Restart your iPhone

It should boot normally now. If it doesent , edit the file again and remove all the other dylib enteries. It should look like this :


Copy the file back to your iPhone and restart your iPhone.

ALSO READ: HowTo: Edit .plist Files on Windows And Fix iPhone Stuck At Boot Logo ( detailed version of how to do it )


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