How To Open the Service Menu on LG Phones

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Do you want to open up a hidden menu on your Verizon Wireless LG model cellphone? Using this menu you can unlock the secret GPS system and MP3 sections on your phone.

Opening The Service Menu

  1. Flip It. Open your phone so that the main screen is displayed.
  2. Enter. Press the "OK" button that brings you to the main menu.
  3. Access. Press the zero button on your silver enV (on the green or orange: from home screen {where you see your background} press ##program9900, then send) and a screen should pop up with the words "SERVICE CODE" at the top followed by six question marks
  4. Input. Enter all zeroes for your service code and you should be taken to a menu that reads "Services" with the following under
    • Data
    • SMS
    • H/W Test
    • FCC Test
    • WAP Setting
    • Get It Now Settings
    • Audio Setting
    • Battery Test
    • Music Setting

Congratulations! You have just hacked your own phone!

Opening The MP3 Sections

  1. After you have followed the above instructions, go to "Music Setting" and press OK.
  2. Next, select the "MP3 & MOD" option in the menu and press OK. Now, when you go to "Get Tunes & Tones" two more options labeled "My MP3s" and "My MP3 Playlists" should be added to the bottom.

Enabling The Hidden GPS System

  1. First, from the service menu, go to the "Field Tests" option and press OK.
  2. Second, go to the "gpsOne" option and press OK.
  3. Third, press OK to go into the gpsOne Test Screen and set it to "On".
  4. Now, go into option "NV" and then gpsOne Lock.
  5. Next, set it to "mobile".
  6. Sixth, backtrack to the original gpsOne menu and click on option 4, "Start Application". The screen should flash.
  7. Seventh, go into the second option labeled "Test Num" and remember the number that appears.
  8. Finally, go to your normal main screen (where you can see your wallpaper) and dial that number. Your current latitude and longitude should be displayed.

Things You'll Need

  • A Verizon Wireless LG cell phone (although some other verizon phones work).


  • Changing values that you don't have knowledge about in the service menu may damage your phone.
  • The functionality of the Hidden GPS system varies from place to place. It just so happens that in Atlanta, Charlotte, NC and in DC, it reaches 911.

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