How to enter my Unlock Code on Treo ?

Model : Treo 180 & 270

1 - Switch ON your phone without SIM Card,
2 - Compose : *#*#CODE#

Model : Treo 600

1 - Switch ON your phone with Allowed SIM Card,
2 - Go to Menu and select "Phone Tool" or "Phone Application"
3 - Type on Virtual Keyboard *#*#CODE#
4 - Select with PEN "Numer" and phone will show that's unlocked now !


1 - Switch ON your phone with a not Allowed SIM Card,
2 - Enter the Unlock Code we send to you.

Model : Treo 680 / Centro:

1. Power on with non-cingular sim
It will then say "Your phone cannot be used with this SIM card"

2. Click ok
3. Click dialpad tab, bottom of the screen far left
4. Using stylus type *#*#code#
5. Press the green button
6. It will then say The SIM Lock has been removed from the phone"


Error Message: "The SIM Lock has NOT been removed from this phone"

Solution 1: Please make sure you are entering the correct code and enter it using this method *#*#CODE# dial

Solution 2: If the phone says that the SIM lock has not been removed, ensure that the phone radio (wireless mode) is on.

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