Custom Firmware 3.1 For iPhone 2G/3G and iPod Touch

Thu, Sep 24, 2009

A week ago, the iPhone Dev-Team released their jailbreaking tool for iPhone Firmware 3.1. Unfortunately they only released it for Mac users, and Windows users still didn’t get their jailbreaking tool. To be honest , firmware 3.1 its not a must, but i can understand why people want to be up to date. So here you can download custom firmwares for your iPhone 2G/3G and iTouch 1G. Using this custom firmwares, you will update your device to 3.1 and also you will have it jailbreaked.

How to use the custom 3.1 firmware:

If you use a jailbroken device just download the firmware that you want, shift+restore in iTunes and restore your device with the custom firmware. If your device is not jailbroken, restore with firmware 3.0 , use redsnow to jailbreak your device and restore via iTunes with the custom firmware.

NOTE1: You can use this custom FW on Mac as well if you are too lazy to jailbreak the device yourself. Instead of shift+restore you need to alt+restore on a Mac.

NOTE2: The 3G custom firmwares will not update the baseband

PAY ATTENTION to the device, size partition and if Activated or Unactivated when you download the firmware for your device.

Download Custom 3.1 Firmware:

iPhone 2G 768mb Activated Unlocked:

iPhone 2G 768mb Unactivated Unlocked:

iPhone 3G 768mb Activated:

iPhone 3G 768MB Unactivated:

iPhone 3G 1GB Activated:

iPhone 3G 1GB Unactivated:

iTouch 1G (Default Partition Size):

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