Why you should not buy an "Outer glass" for the iphone for $10-$15

if you had one of the following situations:

1) Broke iphone glass
2) Broken Iphone 2g/3g outer glass
3) Broken iphone top glass
4) Cracked iPhone screen

then basically its all the same situation/condition..

for the 2g the whole screen is just one part.. i.e: one part for the outerglass / Touch screen (digitizer)/ inner lcd screen..

for the 3g there is only 2 parts..

if your display is working correctly.. that means..

your digitzer needs to be replaced..

if the display on the screen is also affected then that means both of them will have to be changed.

here is a video to make you understand that even though the touch screen is working perfect.. you still need to change the entire thing (outer part + touch screen)


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