iPhone 3GS Performance Comparison: iPhone 3GS beats Palm Pre, G1 and iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G S performance comparison

The disassembled iPhone 3GS showed us all the components and substantiated Apple's claim of Speed with iPhone 3GS.

Now we also have comparison results coming in, which almost cements the fact that iPhone 3GS is faster than some of the best smartphones in the market (in most areas).

Comparison 1:

Folks at AnandTech and iLounge have carried out performance test for iPhone 3GS. The performance tests also include the comparison of iPhone 3GS with iPhone 3G, T-mobile G1, and the Palm Pre.

In terms of speed, the 600 MHz CPU used in the iPhone 3GS seemed to have left all the above smartphones behind. Apple has used a Cortex based CPU for its iPhone 3GS, and it is worth noting that Palm Pre also has a Cortex based CPU.

AnandTech has created a neat chart that compares the speed with, which the browsers in each of the listed smartphones open.

iPhone 3G S performance comparison

The results show that iPhone 3GS is 122% faster in rendering WebPages in comparison to our good old iPhone 3G. The Palm Pre was also no match for the iPhone 3GS during a similar test, the latter turned out to be 21% faster.

They also found that the application launched relatively faster in iPhone 3GS in comparison to the other smartphones. Following is a comparison chart that Application launch time in seconds. The chart below shows that in terms of application load time, the difference between iPhone 3GS and the Palm Pre is phenomenal.

iPhone 3G S performance comparison

The comparison does not include BlackBerry's Storm, but I don't think its comparison will be missed by many. It lags far behind in terms of UI and performance.

Comparison 2:

We also have an interesting comparison video from iLounge, where the performance difference between iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G is highlighted by launching same applications on both the phones, at almost the same time.

Comparison 3:

Developers at TapTapTap also noticed the performance difference between iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G. The iPhone 3GS was much faster and had better graphic display.This is what they had to say:

"In our OpenGL ES testing, the 3GS is generally close to four times faster than the 3G. Results will vary depending on the application, but this is remarkable to say the least.

the graphics processing unit (GPU) in the 3GS is a PowerVR SGX, which seems to offer a very significant advantage over the PowerVR MBX Lite found in previous iPhone/iPod touch hardware. The GPU is likely where we’re gaining much of the improved performance in plasma. Increased RAM and cache sizes are also likely accounting for some of the better performance."

The future of gaming looks even more promising with iPhone 3GS, especially, the ones that demand richer graphics and faster performance. I hope that iPhone app or game developers will make good use of the performance improvement and bring better and more intense games to the App Store.

What do you think of these comparisons, do you think Apple's iPhone 3GS is the undisputed winner in the smartphone market? Do let us know what you think in our comment section below.

[via AnandTech, iLounge and TapTapTap]

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