iPhone 3G S Disassembled: Reveals 833MHz CPU, 256MB RAM & 720p HD Video

Disassembled iPhone iPhone 3G S

Most of us are possessive about the gadgets we own, and more so if it happens to be one of the best smartphones in the market a.k.a the iPhone 3G S.

But we do have folks who do not mind stripping and tearing down their iPhone 3G S and take that extra step to get to know the iPhone 3G S better. Folks at iFixit and RapidRepair have done exactly that and have disassembled their iPhone 3G S to the bone.

The disassembling of iPhone 3G S has helped the iPhone fraternity take a closer look at the iPhone 3G S and has revealed some interesting things.

We know that there is no physical difference between iPhone 3G S and the iPhone 3G. (except the '32' displayed at the back of the new 32GB iPhone 3G S) except for some of the internal changes.

Disassembled iPhone iPhone 3G S

Some of the differences noticed in the disassembled iPhone 3G S are as follwing:

CPU Speed:

We have heard that Apple’s new iPhone 3G S CPU is running at 600 MHz Processor. At 600MHz, iPhone 3G S's Processor is almost 1.5 times faster than the processor in existing iPhone models, which runs at 412MHz.

The disassembled iPhone 3G S reveals that the processor (speculated to be the Samsung SoC S5PC100 chipset) is actually capable of reaching 833MHz.

Disassembled iPhone iPhone 3G S


It also confirms that the RAM available to the OS has been doubled in iPhone 3G S from 128MB in older iPhones to 256MB.


We know that the iPhone 3G S currently records VGA and so it will interest users to know that the Samsung chipset can support 720p HD video and also handle real-time video conferencing. This shows a possibility of a High-Definition media product in the future.

The photos of the disassembled iPhone 3G S also revealed a PowerVR SGX graphics and a 256MB of RAM. They also found the components for camera and compass, which doesn't come as a surprise.

This goes to say that Apple has not used the components to their full potential probably due to concerns of battery life but could untap them in future in order ramp up the performance of iPhone 3G S. One thing for sure is that these findings substantiate Apple's claim of 'speed' with iPhone 3G S.

Folks at RapidRepair and iFixit did finally manage to re-assemble their iPhone 3G S so no heart breaks there.

Folks at Direct Fix have also sent us comprehensive step by step video on how to take apart and repair the iPhone 3G S (thanks Robby).

However, we must warn you against disassembling your iPhone 3G S as you run the risk of rendering your beloved iPhone 3G S useless (and will also void its warranty).

Do let us know what you think of these under-utilized components in iPhone 3G S in our comments section below.

[via RapidRepair, iFixit and Direct Fix]

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