How to Repair corruptted MMC ?

How to corruptted MMC Repair?

Physically, memory cards are quite fragile pieces of high technology, susceptible to damage from various silly things like excessive heat, condensation, strong magnetic fields, physical damage from rough handling and/or bending.

Given the natue of mobile memory card products, they are constantly being taken in and out of some form of interface with a mobile phone, a camera, a laptop, or desktop PC, or a separate memory card reader. The number of different devices they have to be able to interact with is in the thousands. It is not too surprisingly, then that sometimes the state of the file system on the memory card can get damaged.

This may happen for a number of different reasons, including:
- Removing the card from a device whilst an application is trying to read/write to it.
- Battery drain on a device whilst in use meaning an insufficent voltage failure whilst writing to the card.
- Poor implementation of the MMC standard on the device using the card.
- Poor connectivity software drivers on the device or the Windows PC/Mac.
- Physical damage like card or device being dropped, bent, getting wet etc.

As often as not, the problem is not terminal for your memory card, but just a software issue ( or in physical terms, it could be called "a temporary disalignment of the all the bits and bytes on the card"). The fix for this problem is the same as for any other file storage device (like a floppy or hard drive) with corrupt or invalid file system, namely; re-format the file system.

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