Free up ram on the Nokia 6630 and make it run faster

Follow all these steps and it'll make your Nokia 6630 run faster than before!

1. Always use the default nokia theme. To do this go to Tools > Themes ; then select Nokia and press the options button and select apply.

2. The log takes too much of ram. To reduce the amount of ram used by log, open the menu and select Log. Press the options button and select settings. Change the log duration from 30 days to 1 day (or No log if you don't need the call and sms logs). Then goto the recent calls list and one by one open the Missed calls list and clear it by going to options > clear list. Then the Received calls list and clear it and finally the dialled nos list and clear it.

3. Don't install too many applications which run in the background, like Video tones, or heavy screensavers, they're simply not worth it!

4. Use phone memory for messages and not the mmc card, because using the mmc card for messages slows the phone down, because it reads and writes on the mmc card over and over again. To make sure you're using the phone memory, goto messages> settings> other> memory in use, and select Phone memory.

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