Iphone os 3,o (firmware) Unlocked

Cat. Bag. Mouse.

Well, the cat is out of the bag. The 3.0 firmware from Apple can be jailbroken, and there are now sites out there giving you that jailbreak (after you sort through various ads and browser popups, etc).

Of course it’s not really a surprise that it can be jailbroken. One of the nicest things about the jailbreaking iPhones and iPod Touches nowadays is that once a given device can be jailbroken, it can always be jailbroken. The exploits we’re forced to resort to are down at the hardware level, where nothing can be done about them via software. That’s why within a day or two of 3.0 beta1’s release we were able to snap this screenshot of a jailbroken system:

jailbroken 3.0b1

(we also captured the date of the SHA1 of the above image for historical purposes here and here)


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