How to replace one cdma phone with an other inactive cdma phone (legal cloning)

*Note Only do this if you lawfully own both sets and are just trying to replace the inactive one with the active one.....

  1. Connect old mobile to Smart-Clip and SmartMoto (please check Connection Procedure description).
  2. Read phone information, copy Security Code and ESN for your records.
  3. Backup A-key, SSD and PRL.
  4. Disconnect phone and type the code #073887* to enter the service menu.
  5. Enter Security Code.
  6. Find in the menu MIN with IMSI and save them for your records.
  7. Turn the phone off.
  8. Connect new phone to Smart-Clip and SmartMoto (please check Connection Procedure description).
  9. Restore ESN from old phone to it.
  10. Type from the keypad the code #073887* to enter the service menu.
  11. Enter Security Code.
  12. Type MIN with IMSI from the old phone.
  13. Restore the A-key, SSD and PRL that was backed up form the old phone.
  14. Reload and disconnect the phone.
  15. New handset is ready for use.

Please remember that after replacing the old handset with new one, the old phone should not be turned ON again, otherwise that can cause these two phones to be blocked by network provider.

Clone/Cloning – a process of programming a wireless phone with stolen or duplicated electronic serial and mobile identification numbers. The Wireless Telephone Protection Act of 1998 outlawed cloning. The Act prohibits knowingly using, producing, trafficking in, having control or custody of, or possessing hardware or software knowing that it has been configured to insert or modify telecommunication identifying information associated with or contained in a telecommunications instrument so that such instrument may be used to obtain telecommunications service without authorization.

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