“NO SIM” or “NO SIGNAL” error.

NO SIM” or “NO SIGNAL” error.
(Turbo sim/ Rebel/ etc)
This can happen from time to time (not often). I spent alot of time figuring out that your SIM card will go into “No Service Mode” if this happens, and it is your job to reactivate.

Here is the fix:
- First make sure that you leave it alone for a while. It may try to connect up to 3 times before giving up.
- If the iPhone does not connect to the network, you will need to:

  1. Take out the SIM >
  2. Put it in another phone without the adapter
  3. Make a call
  4. Put the SIM + SIM adapter back in
  5. Voila, fixed.


  1. is there another way to fix this? it kinda sux to carry around a second phone just incase you have the "no service" or "no sim" error. I read elsewhere that it is some problem with text message transmission from t-mobile. it gets interupted and then causes the SIM to go offline until you put it in an unlocked or t-mobile phone.