Iphone Caller id Spoofing (FREE)

Mar 31, 2009 - 9:24 AM - by cash7c3
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Tomorrow is April Fools! This year you can prank your family and friends with your iPhone using 123Spoof for extra fun and enjoyment (including a call recording option for later laughs ).
123Spoof is packed full of features for the job of April Fools pranking with a list including:
  • Change Caller ID to any number you want to whomever you're pranking doesn't know it is you.
  • Record calls for later laughs.
  • Straight to voicemail to leave a prank message without the other parties phone ever ringing.
  • Voice changing to disguise your voice during the pranking.
123Spoof starts with two free minutes to test it out and then requires purchased minutes for further use. This year to celebrate April Fools the friendly folks at ... [Read More]

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